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I am officially a Daring Baker! My initiation could not have coincided with a tastier recipe. Marce from Pip in the City hosted this month’s challenge and she chose Cinnamon and/or Sticky Buns. I couldn’t wait to try them so I made them at the beginning of the month. Another reason for that was that I wanted to make them before I moved.

I decided to make the entire batch just cinnamon buns with fondant glaze. The dough was very easy to work with and the only problem I really had was entirely my fault. When I first rolled up the dough to form the buns, I didn’t roll it tight enough and I had a hard time cutting the buns and they were coming undone. I had to unroll and reroll every single bun but that worked and my buns turned out great.

I did find the glaze recipe made way too much and I used less than half the glaze. Other than that, it was a great recipe.

We loved the buns and I will definitely be making them again but maybe I’ll try half cinnamon and half sticky next time! For the recipe, see the link to Marce’s above.

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    Congratulations on your first challenge, June! Your buns are just lovely – I love the squiggled icing!

    Way to go!


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    They look lovely! Great job! 🙂 Love the “coffee break” kinda photo with the books 🙂

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    Welcome to the DB! What a fantastic job you did on your first challenge. Truly delish looking buns you have there!

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    You did a fabulous job with the cinnamon rolls…and I love the photos with the cookbooks in the background. 🙂 I only made half of the glaze as well, and I still had more than enough to generously glaze my cinnamon buns!

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    Your photos are absolutely stunning. I, like Belinda, love the one with the cookbooks in the background. Congrats on your first DB challenge!

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    What gorgeous pictures! I had the same trouble rolling my cinnamon buns, but I like the way you fixed it. Welcome to the Daring Bakers!

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    Congratulations on your first challenge! I hope your move went as well as your buns did! They look fabulous, and I especially like the teacup shots.

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    Beautiful buns June… and I love the way you’ve showcased them with your pretty teacups and go-to cookbooks. Welcome to the madness!

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