Cake Show Off #2

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Yesterday was my little sister’s 8th birthday and I told her I’d bake her a cake. I had planned a small tiered cake, a 6 inch tier and a 4 inch one. I thought that would be plenty since there wasn’t going to be a party. At the last minute (couple of days) a party was decided on for today so I had to increase the cake sizes. I was freaking out because I didn’t think I’d have enough fondant, which I made myself. In the end, it was plenty of fondant and planty of cake.

My sister loved her cake and there was a little girl that thought it was fake and kept smacking it! I wanted to smack HER. The bottom tier is white almond sour cream cake with blackberry filling and the top tier is chocolate cake with blackberry filling. I don’t like chocolate or almond cakes but my sister and my mom wanted those flavors respectively.

I had to cut the cake which was traumatic considering how much time I spent making and decorating it! That’s the catch of this cooking thing LOL

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  1. Pille

    June, that’s stunning!!! What fondant recipe you’re using? I cannot buy ready-made fondant here, so I need to find a reliable recipe for making one myself..

  2. Julie

    I’ve only made my own fondant once, and it was traumatic. I also feel ya on the whole wanting to smack the kid thing. I wouldn’t have done it of course, but … jeesh!

    It really is an awesome cake!!! It sounds delicious, especially with the blackberry filling!

  3. marias23

    June, I love your pretty little daisies and rosettes! And the color combination couldn’t be any girlier. Your sister is so lucky!

  4. Jeanne

    Wow – how lovely! But the flavours inside sound even lovelier. Such grown up tastes for a little girl 🙂

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