Daring Bakers a day late

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I am happy to announce that we have now moved in to our new place! Our stuff from the UK gets delivered on Friday and then all will be back to normal. We were moving yesterday and had no internet here or at my mom’s place and for that reason I was not able to blog yesterday, when were were supposed to post the Daring Bakers challenge. Better late than never!

I love bread and I love potatoes so when I read the challenge was potato bread, I was really excited. The bread making was pretty straightforward, except for the dough being pretty sticky. I know I wasn’t the only person that experienced this. As a matter of fact, this recipe was picked because it was a sticky dough and hence it was a challenge.

I was expecting the bread to have a potato taste but it didn’t. If I had been given a piece of bread without telling me what was in it, I would have never guessed it was potatoes. That was a bit disappointing. In all honesty, I have had much better bread that has been easier to make and I probably won’t make this one again.

To read more about the recipe, go here.

Looking forward to the next challenge!

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  1. Christina

    Wonderful! I’m getting hungry for potato bread again as I read each blog entry!

    I think for potato bread, there really isn’t an intense potato taste but rather it’s a subtle difference from other breads. That’s what I thought about it after tasting it. You know, there is a recipe somewhere from a bakery for a potato pizza, basically the topping is extremely thin slices of potato. Make a focaccia, then top it with the potato topping if you want more of a potato taste.

    Christina, She Runs, She Eats

  2. Sheltie Girl

    Congratulations on your new home. You did a wonderful job on your focaccia. I posted mine while traveling and in a hotel. I had internet problems too and had to post my pictures when I got home. But we got it done!

    Natalie @ Gluten A Go Go

  3. Pille

    I was a day late, too 🙂 Only baked my bread on Tuesday.. I didn’t spot a potato flavour as such, but the bread was incredibly soft and tender, and even day after (i.e. today morning) the bread was soft and moist. So I might make this bread again soon after all..

  4. Jen Yu

    Great that you are moved! That can be stressful. And to see that you posted so quickly in the midst of all that moving business – wow. The breads look wonderful, so lovely. Great job and good luck getting settled in smoothly!

    -jen at use real butter

  5. Dolores

    I hope you’re settling in and getting comfortable in your new space. You did a great job with our November challenge; it’s a shame you didn’t enjoy the end result a bit more. Thanks for taking the time to post your story!

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