I have a new baby!!!!

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After many, many years of wanting one, I finally got it! I convinced my husband to let me buy a Kitchenaid stand mixer! I had wanted an Artisan but I figured I’d get a bigger one that can handle small AND big loads. So, I got myself a brand spanking new Professional 600 mixer in lovely Onyx Black. I already used it to make the sponge for the cake I am bringing to the decorating class tomorrow and I am in love. I took a video of the first use but it’s on my phone and I need to buy software to move it to my computer so maybe next time! I’ll be making buttercream tomorrow and I can’t freaking wait!

Is it terrible that I have actually kissed it???? Thank you MasterCard!

Introducing the baby….

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  1. glamah16

    Congrats! I’m waiting for mine for my birthday in a few weeks.I too take decorating classes and am getting impatient to have one.

  2. Pille

    Congratulations! I got mine from my sweet Santa last Christmas. Artisan, in Imperial Red. I haven’t kissed mine, but I do stroke in gently every now and then – what a beauty!!

  3. DaviMack

    Yay! So happy for you! I had to leave mine back in the US when I moved to the UK two months ago, but it was the very same model, and I applaud your choice! Fabulous, if a little loud, but it will serve you quite well, and won’t wimp out as the other models might.

    Don’t worry if you overheat it kneading 5 loaves of bread at once – it’ll recover as soon as it cools down. It’s a fabulous friend in the kitchen, particularly if you don’t have to lift it too often!

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