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There are some things you just didn’t plan on baking for a while but all of a sudden, you find yourself in the middle of the process. It’s somewhat unexpected and not entirely planned but it sure brings a smile to your face just to know that it is indeed baking. This is the situation I currently find myself in. I’m a happy baker I suppose.

Ultimate Bun

1 spermatozoid
1 ovum

Combine ingredients the best way you know how. Bake in a 98.6°F uterus for approximately 40 weeks. It is a slow and long baking process and getting the bun out is painful but I hear the result is well worth it.

Makes 1

So, I have known for a while I was pregnant but I was waiting to see a heartbeat before I announced it to everyone and their mother. It’s still early in the pregnancy so I’m crossing my fingers I make it out of the first trimester with flying colors. I am due sometime around August 20th.

This is really the reason I have not been cooking or baking much lately. At first, I was very tired all the time and now I am hardly eating because just the thought of most food makes my stomach turn. I hope that goes away soon though because my husband will start complaining about eating fast food so often any time now!

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  1. Quellia

    Congrats. Second trimester is supposed to be easier to eating and such, but as I don’t do pregnancy well and lose weight during it, I’m a bad person to check with – however everyone else I’ve known has felt much better in the second trimester and enjoyed it. Good luck!

  2. Andrea

    Congratulations! Best wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy. The second trimester really is better than the first!

  3. slush

    WOW! Congratulations! Nothing like being pregnant for the first time. I wish you all the best for the next 9 months. Have a happy and healthy pregnancy! xo

  4. I(dot)J

    oh, you’ve got me beat HANDS DOWN with that challenge.
    CONGRATULATIONS!!! That’s the best picture of a bun yet!

  5. Dharm

    Hey!! Great News and many congrats! All the best to you and the baby. Children are certainly a joy!

  6. Mer


    I love the recipe you include. I think I’m going to wait on trying that one though – and stick to sourdough and dinner rolls. :0)

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