Complete failure for this Daring Baker

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I have managed to complete all but one of the Daring Bakers’ challenges up to now. Some times I’ve had more success than others but it’s all be at least edible and photographed. Well, not so this time. About 3 weeks ago, I went ahead and did the challenge but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. My dough did not rise the third time so I thought I’d turn the oven on for baking and put the proofing loaves on top of the stove for a bit of warmth. Well, that as a huge mistake. The loaves didn’t rise anyway and one of them, the baguette, the only one essential to the challenge, half-baked and stuck to the towel I was proofing it in so I had to throw it away. I went ahead and baked the other loaf but it got no oven spring. It tasted good but was very dense. I have a lot going on and I didn’t have time to do it but hey, at least I tried!

For more info on the challenge, visit Breadchick’s blog, The Sour Dough.

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  1. Mer

    That’s too bad. I am sure you will have more luck with whatever the next challenge is. Good job for giving it a try, in any case. :0)

  2. Meeta

    Sorry to hear that! But the fact remains you gave it a try and at least you know what NOT to do the next time.

  3. Kavey

    Not sure who Katie is…
    Bread’s such a fickle thing to make; sometimes it comes out so well you are amazed at how simple it all was and other times, you’re sure you followed just the same steps and… DISASTER!
    Better luck next time, June!

  4. Molly Loves Paris

    Nice try! Once I totally botched a batch of bread, and also being reluctant to wash up it got lost in the dishes on the counter. I found the bowl of dough a day later. Then for some unknown reason I decided to put that dough into the food processor, adding some more yeast, and trying it again. It turned out to be the best bread I ever made.

  5. breadchick

    I’m sorry it didn’t turn out for you but at least, even with your tight schedule, you tried to do it which some just didn’t even do. So you get huge kudos for staying true to DB style

    Thanks for baking with Sara and I

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