No Mexican food here….just cookbooks!

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After 5 plus months of living here, we finally bought bookshelves to store my cookbooks. They had been living in boxes or all over the floor in one of the spare bedrooms. However, bringing the books downstairs and assembling the bookshelves was the easy part! Now I am left with the enormous task of organizing all these books! I could just go ahead and shelve them at random but I’d like to have some sort of system so looking for a book isn’t a mission every time. This isn’t easy, especially when you have WELL over 200 cookbooks. Here’s a picture of the piles in the family room/kitchen counter. The table in the picture is also covered in cookbooks and the two boxes are full. What can I say, I’m a sucker for cookbooks!

So, if anyone has any recommendations as to how I should organize them, I’m all ears! Or eyes in this case 😉

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  1. Jackie

    GL with the project… but should be fun, and the end result will be amazing! I can’t believe you have over 200 books!

    I’d categorize them by main course style (i.e., mexican, italian) then baking / desserts seperate.

    Let us know how it turns out!

  2. Jescel

    Hi, love your blog. I’ve been checkin it out but this is the first time that I dared post a comment. As to your huge collection of cookbooks…I suggest that you let go of those which you haven’t even looked at in 6 months (sell/pass them on,donate to schools, etc). That’ll definitely make your life easier, and someone else benefits from it… LOL..

    Secondly… the easiest solution I can think of for you is to number your books from say 1-200… then keep a separate catalogue (in a notebook or computer) for the book’s description (asian, italian, etc), category (desserts, baking, main entry, pasta, etc).

    And then, you can make a cross reference also in your catalogue according to authors too, esp. if you’ve got prominent ones like David Lebovits, Donna Hay, etc. If you want, you can purchase simple catalogue softwares for this purpose.

    Hope this helps.

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