The Virgin Run

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I mentioned a few days ago that I had ordered a bread machine on sale. It’s the Breadman Pro 2lbs machine. It arrived late yesterday but I immediately wanted to try it out. It was too late to make bread for the same day so I tried the delayed start function instead and had fresh bread from breakfast this morning. I dreamed about the darn thing and when I was half-awake around 7:30am, I could smell the bread from upstairs. Nothing quite like waking up to that smell.

The bread itself wasn’t anything special but that is not the point. It was a very simple white bread and it was just my guinea pig for a first run. The machine did its thing overnight and the bread was perfectly baked by 7:30am. The loaf was not as tall as other bread machine loaves, which is actually good in my opinion. They weren’t long either so they are perfect for just the two of us, there won’t be much bread going to waste, if any.

I’m very much looking forward to trying many more recipes and waking up to fresh bread frequently. I don’t think my husband will complain 🙂

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  1. Dianne

    It appears we have the same bread machine! Try King Arthur Baking Company’s White Whole Wheat Bread…It’s really good!

  2. PheMom

    Now I wish I had a bread maker! That looks awesome! Are you going to post the recipe for that white bread? (Hint hint I hope!)

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