Happy Birthday Sis!

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Today is my little sister’s birthday and she asked, no, told me to maker her a cake. I needed to practice my (modest) cake decorating skills so I obliged. My original idea was to make a much more elaborate cake but then reality hit me like a ton of bricks. I have a newborn, even with other people watching him, I still can’t engage in very involved projects.

Turns out, she didn’t like it. Well, she liked the look but not the taste of the filling. It was a Butter Cake with Sweet Lime Curd Filling and buttercream frosting. Everything except for the buttercream came from The Cake Doctor and I actually found it really good, then again, I like citrus curd. After she took a bite she said “I told you I wanted strawberries in the filling!” Hhhmm….no you didn’t. Ha! Nine year-olds!

The flowers and leaves are fondant.

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  1. tara

    Well done! Very cleanly decorated and truly pretty. Even if not to your sister’s taste, the curd sounds delish!

  2. noel

    what a beautiful cake… i also fancy all things culinary and i’m contemplating baking my daughter’s b-day cake this year. i think i should start practicing so that by the time she’s old enough to notice, i might be able to turn out something halfway decent. so I have 2 cake related questions for you:

    1. where do you buy your fondant? or did you make it?

    2. what implement do you use to halve your layers?

  3. June

    Noel, that is not fondant, it’s buttercream. I use a cake leveler to torte (halve) the layers.

  4. noel

    …but the flowers and leaves are fondant, no? i’ve had limited experience working with fondant and i’ve yet to find one that i like the taste of. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  5. June

    Ah, yes, those are fondant. It is bought fondant but taste wasn’t really an issue, we didn’t eat the flowers or leaves. If you want tasty, albeit pricey, fondant, look into Satin Ice. The Wilton stuff is horrid though.

  6. Jeanne

    Family – can’t choose ’em 😉 I think the cake looks fantastic – and what a lovely big sis you are to bake it in the first place!

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