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A few months ago I created the fantasy wishlist you see on the right hand column of this blog. As the name implies, it’s all fantasy and most likely unattainable. I have been lucky to have gotten one of the items on it as a birthday present, the All-Clad Waffle Maker. I don’t really expect to ever get any of the other stuff but yesterday I got the next best thing to one of them.

Ladies and gents, I am the PROUD owner of a 15 piece set of All-Clad Copper Core cookware! Can you see me doing cartwheels????? It’s not quite the 25 piece set I have on the wishlist but I am NOT complaining! We went into Williams Sonoma and after much deliberation, we went ahead and slapped it on a card. I nearly puked at the thought of spending so much money on cookware but they ARE a lifetime investment and lucky for my kiddo, he won’t have anyone else to fight for it! Along with my Le Creuset pieces, they make a pretty nice cookware inheritance!

The set includes the following:

1o inch frying pan:

12 inch frying pan:

2qt and 4qt covered saucepans:

3qt and 6qt covered sautee pans:

5 1/2 qt Dutch oven:

and a 7qt stockpot with pasta insert. I couldn’t find a picture of the Copper Core one so here’s one of the normal Stainless Steel one:

As a gift from All Clad (or is it Williams Sonoma?) got a Cast Aluminum 5.5 Qt. Round Oven with stainless steel lid, and two All-Clad branded, red cotton oven mitts at the store. We also got a boucher for another gift, a Cast Aluminum Au Gratin pan. Total retail value of the gifts? $300. Here are two small pictures:


There still are some individual pieces I’d like to buy at some point but really, I hit the motherload!

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