Daring Bakers November….It’s a Piece of Cake

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It’s Daring Bakers posting day again and I’m sorry to say, I have no pictures to post today. I did complete the challenge and I did take pictures but I moved this week and my computer is still in pieces…with my pictures in it. I will come back when everything is hooked up and post pictures but just text will have to do for now.

This month’s challenge was actually one of my favorite and one of the few where nearly every bit was eaten. It was Caramel Cake with Caramelized Butter Frosting. Definitely not diet friendly, it tasted like a heart attack on a plate but OH SO GOOD. I made it for my grandmother’s birthday and while it wasn’t a pretty cake in the decorated sense, it sure made up for it in flavor.

The hostess for this month was Dolores from Chronicles in Culinary Curiosity and the recipe is by Shuna Fish Lydon from Bay Area Bites.

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  1. Dolores

    Hoping your move went smoothly. I’m glad this was one of your favorites — what a wonderful way to celebrate your grandmother’s special day. Thanks for baking with us.

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