If You Won’t Buy…Don’t Try!

Today I learned what celebrities and the filthy rich must feel like when they go shopping.

I was in search of a dress today for a dinner date with my husband and I thought I’d go to a local mall that I particularly like.  While there I decided to stop by the shoe depart at Saks just because I could.  I have a shoes problem.  It’s only a problem for my husband mind you, I’m perfectly fine with it! But I digress.While I was there, one of my sales assistants (yes, they know me by name) and I started chatting.  I told him I wasn’t goint to buy any shoes today because I was only looking for a dress (I was NOT looking for a dress at Saks though).  He said he’d take over to the SA in the clothing department and she’d help me.  I figured I’d have some fun and try on some dresses so I went along with it.

While we waited for this lady, my shoe SA and I started walking around picking out dresses he thought would look good on me.  The man has very strong opinions when it comes to clothes and said I was a size 40 (EU)…bless him, I am not.  The other patrons kept looking at me like I was some hotshot.  I was wearing convertible pants from Walmart and a Disney t shirt I got as a wedding gift three and half  years ago, no make up and my hair up in a bun. 

Anyhow, I tried on a few dresses but nothing really grabbed me then the girl SA brought this DKNY dress that didn’t look like much.  I put it on and I nearly died.  Love, it was love at first try.  It’s not an evening dress but it can be dressed up or down.  The bodice was made from a knit and it had long sleeves.  The skirt was a tulip style skirt made from a taffeta-like material and it started just under the bust.  It had a sash to go around the high waist and I tied it at the back.  I loved it, loved it, loved it.  My husband had given me a budget and this dress…..well, let’s just say the budget didn’t even come close.

I left Saks love struck and empty handed.  I did take some pictures with my phone but they are not very clear and the pictures do not do the dress or how it looks on me justice. I think my husband has given me the go ahead to go back and get the dressed but as much as I love it, I can’t justify it since I’d only wear it once or twice before it no longer fits.  Maybe I would have bought if the circumstances were different.  Also, as I have found out, once you start buying designer stuff it just becomes a slippery slope (ask the shoes department SA) and then a downward spiral.  Nice stuff spoils you for life and you can never go back to Target…where I have been perfectly happy until now.

I got the VIP treatment at Saks…then I went to Zara in the same mall and I felt like I was walking into the flea market.  I was just thrown into a dressing room, the clothes were stained with make up and the sales assistant stunk.  Crap.  Damn you and your amazing customer service Saks!

The moral of the story is, if you can’t afford the dress AND don’t know know how to knock it off…don’t try it on!  It can only bring on heartache! 

I also tried on this Elie Tahari dress.  I loved it as well.  That neckline is stunning and it reminded me of a similar Vogue one.

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