Vegetable Garden On Its Way!!!

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Well, the vegetable garden has been started!

I am doing a Square Foot Garden as well as some containers.  Neither one of us is particularly handy so we just ordered the box for the Square Foot Garden.  It is not here yet though.  I went ahead and started a few seeds in the garage three days ago.  I sowed Genovese and Dark Opal basil, thyme, chives and Sweetie tomatoes.  MUCH to my surprise, everything but the chives had sprouted this morning.  SO fast.  I guess the garage is pretty warm 😛


A couple of days ago I sowed chantenay carrots directly into the container.  Instead of following the packet instructions and spreading seeds everywhere and then thinning the seedlings, I used the SFG method and just poked small planting wholes the same distance away as the plants need to be and sowed 2 seeds in each hole.  Hopefully at least one of the seeds in each hole will germinate and become carrots.  That’s 32 carrots in potentia. I had great success the other time I grew carrots so I am hoping for success here too.


Today I sowed red shallots into a container and potted two transplants I bought, cayenne pepper and butternut squash.  Both went into a container and I will stake the butternut squash at some point though maybe a small trellis of some sort will be better.


I cannot wait until the actual Square Foot Garden is started!  I am going on vacation on Tuesday so I’m gonna have to wait until I get back but I do hope the box is here by then.  I’m so excited about this whole thing that it is ridiculous.  I hope to have be able to start harvesting some things by mid February or so.  Hopefully the vegetable garden (if you can call it a garden) plus the CSA veggie box will be enough so we don’t have to buy produce again until the season ends.

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