I Will Start Another Blog if I Want To!

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I have a few other blogs but they are all theme specific (sewing, cooking, etc) and sometimes I feel like writing about other things and I have no place for them. So this blog will be about my life as a mom to a very active toddler, as a wife, as a student and as a citizen of this crazy place we call Earth.  I have been debating starting another blog for a while but Matt (the husband) kept telling me I was nuts.  Well, I am not, I just misplaced a few marbles.

In my defense, one of those other blogs only has 1 post as I abandoned the idea (i.e. was too lazy to maintain the blog) soon after the first post.

I have been sick as a dog all weekend.  It started out with a runny nose on Friday and I’m currently barely able to keep my eyes open because they are so swollen, watery and itchy.  I didn’t get any sleep last night between sneezing, wiping my nose and Matt snoring.  I’m tired, I’m exahusted and I need a vacation…..from myself!  I have a ton of homework to do but I haven’t felt up to it all weekend.  I really should get started on it though because some of it is due tomorrow and there is A LOT of reading and writing for the other one.  Procrastination at its best.

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