Lost In The Mail

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Once upon a time, I made what now seems like a mistake…..I attended the Univeristy of Maryland University College.  Why a mistake?  Well, getting a transcript from them is probably more difficult and time consuming than getting the President to sign a law saying that all women must get a free pair of Manolos on their birthday….from the government.

When I was applying to my current school I requested UMUC to send my transcripts to them.  A month later the new school hadn’t received them so I called UMUC and got them to send it again.  A month or two later….same deal.  UMUC swore up and down that they had sent the transcripts but the new school swore they hadn’t received anything.  Then by the grace of the Flying Spaghetti Monster the transcripts magically showed up at the new school.  At that point I didn’t know who was to blame, UMUC or the new school so I just let it go.

Fast forward a couple of years to last October.  I applied to Barry University since I will be graduating from my current school this semester.  I went online and tried to order the transcripts from UMUC to be sent to BU.  MUCH to my surprise, I found my account, and ability to order transcripts, had been suspended because I was delinquent on payments.  WTF?  I hadn’t attended that school since 2005!  Well, after many phone call turns out they had charged me SEVERAL times for the transcripts that never made it to the new school, didn’t bother to tell me and shut me down.  I ended up having to pay that and only then was I able to order new transcripts.

Again, I went online and ordered the transcripts.  Two months later Barry hadn’t received the transcripts so I called UMUC.  I was told they had sent it, we verified the address and they offered to send them again.  Fine.  A month later (a few days ago) Barry STILL hadn’t received the transcripts.  The admissions counselor there told me that considering UMUC’s history my best bet was to have the transcripts sent directly to me and then for me to forward them to BU sealed.  So I called UMUC today again and explained the whole deal again.  They still swear the sent the transcripts but clearly something is up.  This time I asked them to send them to me.  She said fine, she’d put them in the mail today.  Let’s see now if I actually get them because of short of flying up there and raising hell, I don’t know what else to do.

After that was done I asked if I could request another set to be sent to another school since I was on the phone with her.  Her answer?  “No, you have to do it online.”  My jaw nearly hit the floor and all I could muster was “Sure, I’ll do it online and then we’ll do this dance all over again for months.” Click.  If I had had an old fashioned phone I would have hung up HARD on that clown.

I didn’t know who to blame the first time around but after TWO different new schools, I’m inclined to think that someone is screwing up and that it is not my current school or BU.  In other words, UMUC is a hot mess and If I had known then what I know now…..  I REALLY hope I don’t have to get transcripts from them to apply to graduate school because that alone will be enough to make me not get a graduate degree!

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