College Gems

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If I didn’t know any better I’d assume that college students are somewhat smart.  After all, they are smart enough to know to be getting an education.  Boy, would I be wrong!  If I had a penny for every time I hear a fellow student, and sometimes even professors, say something that made me go “What the fuck?” (yes, my thoughts upon hearing those things are usually that crude) I’d be rich.  Rich I tell you, rich!  Some recent ones that come to mind are “Miss, it don’t lets me do it!”  Say what?.  How about the gem that whales were fish?  That’s a little bit forgivable…for my 10 year old sister maybe.  There are countless more, I hear stuff like this every day but of course, there was one particular example that sparked this post.

I am taking a philosophy class and we are currently studying the arguments for God’s existence, their flaws, arguments against those arguments, etc.  As you can imagine, this is a heated topic and one I had no idea we would be covering when I registered for this class.  Anyhow, there is one particular girl, and I use the word girl loosely since this person is probably close to my age, who is VERY vocal about her beliefs.  She believes God does not exist, not something I have a problem with, but she expresses it in a very inadequate way.  She is loud and obnoxious but as usual, very narrow minded and downright idiotic.

Today we were discussing believing with evidence which is often mistaken for believing without seeing.  The professor brought up a good example as to why believing without seeing was not a good description.  He asked her if she didn’t believe Pluto existed because she couldn’t see it.  She started babbling and the next thing I know she yells “Pluto is not even a planet anymore, why should we believe in it?”  My jaw nearly hit the floor.  Come again?  What the heck?  WOW.  I was speechless, as was the professor.

Now, my beef with this chick is twofold.  First, she’s dumb as a rock but feels the need to spout out her “knowledge”  Second, because of the way she defends her beliefs and her obnoxious ways, she gives the rest of us nonbelievers a bad name.  She’s clearly an atheist and that’s OK but you still have to be respectful of other people’s beliefs.  I am agnostic and I would never in a million years be purposefully disrespectful of others beliefs.  Besides, it takes way too much energy to be that obnoxious about anything, let alone an argument that you (or anyone else) just can’t win.

I can’t wait for this section of the class to be over.  I hate (and sometimes love 😛 ) religious debates.  This professor gets kudos from me for being able to put up with this class, especially this girl, and keep his composure.  I would have hit her weeks ago.

So, I have started writing down all these WTF things I hear in school.  It might make for a hilarious best-selling book someday.

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