Hey Monkey, Whatcha Doing In There?

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I suppose that when you are a baby, well, toddler, every little thing you discover is just amazing and worthy of exploration.  The Monkey has discovered the oven’s warming drawer.  I knew it was only a matter of time since he has discovered every other drawer in the house but I never thought it would play out like this.  I was making dinner and I turned my back for a minute while I looked for something in the refrigerator.  I heard some metal clunking so I looked.  I found him lying face down on a baking sheet, curled up like a little pig about to be roasted, IN the warming drawer.  It was absolutely hilarious.  He must have thought I was crazy with all the laughing.  Of course, by the time I managed to get my phone he was getting up.  I got a few pictures but they don’t quite tell the full story.

Picture this but inside the warming drawer!

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