The Monkey Meets his First Cousin

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Today was a busy day!  I made cookies in the morning and in the afternoon we went to my mom’s house so Matt and The Monkey could meet my new nephew.  I was expecting The Monkey to kick up a fuss when he saw me holding Jordan but he didn’t even flinch.  However, when Matt held him he got jealous.  The Monkey is definitely Daddy’s Boy.   It was very cute watching The Monkey interact, if you can call it that, with his baby cousin.  He wasn’t interested in the baby, he just wanted his socks.  Cuteness!  Here are some pictures of the encounter.

The expression on The Monkey’s face is just priceless!

Today’s been a picture-filled day!  Earlier today we snapped some shots The Monkey playing with the dishwasher.  He’s obsessed with the thing.  He runs to it whenever we open it and when it’s closed he sometimes stands in front of it and hugs it. I get it kid, I love the dishwasher too!

And finally some of The Monkey and Mommy just before leaving to see the baby cousin.

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