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There is a myth I would like to debunk.  I bet most people have heard that women like shoes, or buying shoes anyway, because no matter how much weight you gain or lose they always fit.  Well, that is just nonsense. Not the liking shoes part but the fitting part.  If a woman gives you that line slap her for me.  Who in the name of the The Flying Spaghetti Monster ever came up with that???  Sure, not a woman!  There is a pretty big difference in how your shoes fit when you gain or lose a significant amount of weight.  Ask me how I know.

OK, don’t ask me, I’ll tell you anyway.  It’s no secret I like, OK love, shoes so I have tested this time and time again.  My shoes fit much looser now than they did 30 pounds ago.  The shoes I bought back then need insoles, heel pads, etc now.  Similarly, shoes that I have bought when I have been thin have been very tight, sometimes even unwearable, when I’ve put on weight.  The truth is, feet gain and lose weight just like the rest of your body and while they may not get longer, they’ll definitely get pudgier.

Women love shoes, there’s no doubt about that, but if any of them truly loves shoes because she believes they always fit then she has either a) never put on weight or b) never lost weight.  There are a million and one reasons to love shoes and I highly recommended; this reason is by far the worst.

Foot Petals here I come!

  1. Karen Lisa

    I agree with you. I have some shoes I was unable to wear after giving birth and the reason was simply because I’d put on weight and not because my feet had “expanded” after having a baby. After losing over 50lb from my top pregnancy weight, the majority of my shoes fit again, and I’m convinced that when I drop a few more pounds, the rest of my shoes will fit again, too.

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