Naughty Giveaway Round Up and Results.

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OK, I’m a bit disappointed.  There were only two entries for this giveaway.  I’ve had more entries for a fleece diaper soaker!  I guess that makes the chances of winning 1 in 2!

The first entry was from Julie from Lame Adventures.  Her cupcakes are super cute!

The next entry was from Kizzy at Culinary Annotations.  These look delicious!

And the winner is…..   


  1. Anonymous

    Don’t give up or feel discouraged. So many of us are just discovering your blog.

    As word spreads, you may be shocked at how many entries show up next time.

    As they say, be careful what you wish for!

    I know I will be sending the URL to this site to friends and family and telling them how great it is.

    Thanks for producing such a nice blog with such great recipes.

    Plus, your bio is so fun! What a great narrative! Talk about international flavor!

    Good luck and keep up the good work!

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