A Photographer’s Worst Nightmare

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I made an apron a couple of days ago and took some pictures of it yesterday.  I was happily snapping away, then I put the camera down on a chair but it was too close to the edge and tipped over.  I grabbed the camera strap but didn’t do so in time and the lens hit the floor head on.  I picked it up, looked at the front of the lens and saw this:

As you can imagine, I freaked out.  The first few words out of my mouth were “F*#$, F*#$ F*#$, S#!%”.  Very unladylike but considering I had just ruined a $1400 lens, it was quite mild.  A million thoughts raced through my brain and none of them were nice.  Crap.  I could feel the tears running down my face as I sheepishly walked over to the family room with the camera in hand.  Matt hadn’t seen or heard anything but I thought for sure he was going to divorce me over this.  How could I have been so stupid and careless???

When I finally got to him, I was trembling and I didn’t know how to tell him I had just broken the most expensive lens I owned.  I guess he saw the lens and took the camera from me.  What followed was a blur but then he said “Hey, calm down, it was just the filter, the lens is fine”.  Uh?  “June, really, it was nothing the filter took the hit, the lens is fine!”.  I didn’t know whether to stop crying or cry some more.  I have never been happier about breaking an $80 item.  Ever.

Getting the broken filter off the lens wasn’t easy but we managed.  I didn’t actually take a deep breath until I saw with my own eyes that the lens was fine, until we took some test shots, etc.  The lens is, indeed, fine.  I’m still a mess however.  Kinda like this:

After that I told Matt to put the camera out of the reach of children….and mommies. 

So, if you are wondering whether spending money on a good filter to have on a lens at all times is a good investment, the answer is YES!  Had this filter not been on the lens…..I’d hate to think.

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  1. Karen Lisa

    Glad it’s okay! This is another reason why I ALWAYS keep the lens hood on my camera, too. I actually dropped my insanely expensive 85mm 1.2L lens a few months ago… it fell out of my 2nd shooters trunk as we were heading into the wedding venue! I almost had a heart attack, but the hood was on, and it was just fine.

  2. Jene

    I would have just died! I don’t have a really $$ lens yet, but even if I broke my cheapie one I would be totally heartbroken.

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