Go Canes! Go Me!

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I don’t think I ever blogged about it but I got accepted into Barry University a few weeks ago.  I knew I’d get accepted and wasn’t surprised but that just didn’t help me one bit.  The decision NOT to go there had already been made.  It is way too far and there are other factors which influenced my decision.  The only thing really making that decisions a difficult one to finalize was the fact that my tuition would be covered 100%.  Still, I’d rather go to Florida International University over Barry if I don’t do the Cardiovascular Perfusion program.

The deadline for applying to the University of Miami was March 1st and after some transcript issues, I JUST made it.  I’ve been checking my UM’s online system relentlessly lately to see if they have updated it but there have been no changes.  I woke up from a migraine nap a little while ago and Matt came in with the mail which contained a letter from UM.  Through the address slot I was able to read “Congratulations, you have been accepted…”  My heart skipped a bit….but it got better.  Not only was I admitted to the school but I was admitted to the highly competitive Neuroscience program.  Score!

I’m so freaking excited and proud of myself.  They had over 3600 transfer applications for 650 spots.  It’s great to know I was better than most.  I had no doubt I’d get accepted.  I’m not sure it was confidence or wishful thinking but I’d like to think it was confidence.

Now I just have to work out how to pay for it!

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