Oh, The Irony!

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I used to say that lack of money was not an excuse not to get an education because you can always find the money.  I was referring to financial aid, student loans, scholarships, etc.  I was a firm believer in that and I suppose that it still holds true to some extent….if you don’t have your heart set in attending a school that charges $36000 a year for tuition!  If you do, then no matter how hard you try to find that money, you may not be able to.  That’s a crazy amount of money for school, I won’t lie, but I look at it as an investment in my future.  It just so happens that my options are limited, I cannot up and move somewhere else and UM is the only local university that has anything of interest to me. 

I applied for the first round of student loans a few days ago.  I started with subsidised loans, then I will move on to unsubsidised.  Considering the amount of tuition I’d have to pay, I’ll have no choice but try for private sudent loans as well.  I have heard good and bad things about private loans but the maximum amount of government loans I can get still falls short of the tuition.  Getting private loans will be tricky since they do take into account credit history, income, etc.   I may not be able to come up with enough funding hard as I may try.  I have not heard anything about the UM scholarship so I am assuming I did not get it. I faxed some documnets UM needed to make a decisoin on my financial aid application this morning. I am waiting with bated breath for the decision and I hope to goodness that all the funds combined are enough for tuition and fees.   If not, then I guess FIU will be the consolation prize.  I make no excuses for wanting a top notch UM science education and for saying that FIU is only my back up plan.

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