Out the Mouth of Babes

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I was reading a thread today about children’s deep questions and comments on one of the many websites I frequent .  Most of them were pretty funny like “If I can have my cake but not eat it, then what’s the point in having cake?”, etc.  One of them, however, made me take a step back and wonder what if.  I think most people that know me well enough to need to know about my (lack of) religious affiliation know that I am agnostic (or atheist, depending on whether they know what agnosticism is). At any rate, the particular post went as follows (her typos, not mine):
When my daughter was 4, we were at the office of an attorney for an appointment. She pointed at a photo of his child and asked, “is that your little girl”. When he replied, “yes”, she told him that she knew his little girl. We are on opposite ends of town, so we knew this was not possible. He asked my daughter where she knew his little girl from. My dauhther replied, “we met in heaven before we were born”. We were both speechless. It really makes you wonder….. I would call her upbrining to that point, spritual but not religious. She is 23 now, but I remember that day like it was yesterday.”

I can’t decide if it is weird or darling.  Clearly, the nontheist in me is inclined to think the kid was probably just repeating something she heard but what if she wasn’t?


  1. Jene

    I vote weird, and that she must be repeating something she heard somewhere else.

    I’m jerseygirl81 on Nest and MomofMinion on the MM board – nice to know there’s another agnostic parent out there!

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