Reality Bites

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I’m still not over the rush of having been accepted into the University of Miami…but reality is poking its nasty little head out.

I called UM’s Veteran’s Affairs person a little while ago to inquire about the Yellow Ribbon program.  This is the program where the school gives x amount of money towards your tuition and the VA matches that on top of the normal payments.  Well, what do you know; I was promptly informed that they have only 20 spots and all 20 are taken.  Not only that but there’s also a waiting list.  My heart sank to the bottom of my stomach.

In the greater scheme of things, that money was only a small fraction of the total tuition, UM is stingy, but it would have helped anyway.  This just brought up the big pink elephant in the room….how am I going to pay for UM?  I still haven’t heard from financial aid so I don’t know if or how much I’ll be getting.  However, I doubt I’ll be fully covered.  I need to look into scholarships, loans, work-study, etc and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed.  What if I can’t come up with enough funds to cover 2  years at UM?  Either way, I need to come up with the funds for at least the next year by the end of April because I have to let UM know by May 1st whether I’ll attend or not.  No pressure.

Oh, how I wish I was a trust fund kid!

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