Cap..Check…Gown…Check… Regalia…Check…Plans For The Future…Crap!

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Graduation is nearing and it seems much more real now.  A few days ago I received my honor society graduation regalia.  It includes the honors cords, honors stole, a medallion and the gold tassel.  The medallion is heavy!  Today I picked up my cap and gown, all I need now is my highest honors white tassel.  I thought all gowns were the same size so I was expecting it to drag on me.  Much to my delight, they come in different heights and they had gowns for 5’1″ shorties like me!

I came  home and tried on the entire kit….I need to work on my hair.  The gown is fairly sheer when light catches it so I’m gonna have to wear something pretty.  I was in the fitting stages of a dress made from a vintage gown but I had to put it on hold to work on school papers.  The last paper is due on Thursday, maybe I’ll be able to pick up the dress-sewing after that.

I can’t wait walk across the stage it will be the first time I walk at a graduation and the first time I wear a cap and gown.  I’m excited yet terrified, I still haven’t made a choice as to what I’m going to do with life after May 1st.

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