Food and Garden Festival

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We spent our late morning and afternoon at the Fairchild Tropical Garden’s Food and Garden Festival today.  We went mostly because the local farm that runs the CSA, Bee Heaven Farm, would be there but also because we are very interested in local food and sustainability.  It was actually far busier than we expected it to be but we had a good time and did some shopping.

The best part was a panel made up of local food bloggers (I was contacted about it but wasn’t selected).  The panelists were Tinkering With Dinner, Edgy Veggie, Mango and Lime, MiamiDish and The Occasional Omnivore.  It was very entertaining plus I won a cookbook!  I guess I was a talker, I mean, obnoxious enough that they thought they better give me a book to shut me up.  The book is called Eating Well in Season, The Farmer’s Market Cookbook.  I can’t wait to go through it and mark the recipes that sound good.  The festival was good overall and we are thinking about going back tomorrow.  Ingrid Hoffman will be there, she’s a bit annoying but hey, I’m up for it.

Here are some pictures.

Conch Fritters

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  1. billjac

    We (or at least I) appreciated having you there. You had a lot more interesting things to say on the putative topic of the panel than I did, certainly.

  2. Trina

    It was nice to meet you! I enjoyed the whole “discussion” feel of the panel too.

  3. Paula

    I know this is a delayed response but we certainly didn’t want you to shut up. You contributed greatly to the panel and it was nice to have audience participation from you and others. It definitely made it better.

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