Kids Are Strange

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I honest to goodness don’t know why we bother buying toys for kids, it’s a waste of money.  When all is said and done, they will find the least toy-like thing in the entire house and play with that.  The Monkey, for example, loves playing with a pot and a wooden spoon, the fabric cubes that contain the toys (after he tips them out), etc.  Today he decided he was going to play with the pile of soda boxes he had to go into the recycling bin.  He was so into them that he decided they made good horses.  Yeah, he sat on then and was surprised when they gave under his weight.  It was actually really amusing to watch.  He had a blast playing with cardboard and we were glad we killed some time (he was cranky) before bed.

These last two pictures are the result of Matt trying to teach The Monkey how to say “Yatta!” like they do in anime.  He’s been doing it for days although he doesn’t actually say anything, just lifts his arms.

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