Way to Go, Nebraska!

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I am appalled by the recent abortion law passed in Nebraska, it makes me sick.  They have banned legal abortions after 20 weeks of gestation unless there is a serious risk to the mother’s life, bodily functions, etc.  This law does not for a moment take into consideration cases where there fetus is the one at risk, has a condition incompatible with life, etc. I’m inclined to believe that later term abortions are performed mostly on women whose fetuses have no chance to survive after birth, who are in pain in the womb because of several malformations, etc.  In other words, they are not usually performed on women who just decide they don’t want a baby. 

The funny, and infuriating, thing is that this law is based on the fact that after 20 weeks a fetus has the ability to feel pain.  Well, yes, and a fetus that is already in pain will have to be subject to 20 more weeks of agony in the womb because some idiotic nut decided his mother did not have the right to give him peace after 20 weeks.  Genius.  The fetus is not the only one who suffers in this situation. Making a woman who knows her baby will not live after birth carry the pregnancy to full term and then deliver is torture. It’s psychological torture and I truly feel sorry for these families.  This is not hypothetical at all, it happens every day.  Deciding to terminate at that stage must be a difficult decision for these families but taking away that choice from them is morally wrong.

Furthermore, this is one step closer to, once again, eliminating a woman’s right to choose.  In my opinion, legalized abortion is not about the fetus, is about the woman.  Abortions will happen whether they are legal or not the question is, how will they happen?   I, for one, do not want women to have to reverse to clandestine coathanger abortions which were not only barbaric but extremely unsafe.  Legal abortion is a good thing, it saves lives…women’s lives.

Pro-lifers want to force everyone to belive and act the same way they do.  Why force your beliefs on someone else?  No one is forcing them to have abortions, Pro-choicers are not bombing their churches because they don’t want to have abortions.  What part of CHOICE don’t they get?  With legalized abortion, everyone has the right to choose to act according to their beliefs.  Even Pro-lifers are still Pro-choice; choosing not to have abortions is still CHOOSING. Isn’t it grand that the decision is up to the individual, as it ought to be?

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