Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Smart!

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I finally graduated yesterday!.  Of course, I don’t feel like I’m anywhere near done….cause I’m not, I get to start all over again in the fall.  The ceremony was yesterday at 8am (o’f&$# early) and the guest speaker was Senator George LeMieux.  North and West campuses got former president Bill Clinton.  No fair.  It was a good speech though if very generic.

 I’m the one right under “campus” crossing the stage.

I graduated with highest honors!  WOOT for me!  The grades for this last semester posted this morning and I got all As.  I made the Dean’s List again and my transcript now shows that a degree was awarded!  WOOOOOT.

The white cord and tassel are for Highest Honors.  The Blue and Orange regalia is for the honor society, Phi Theta Kappa.  Impressive, no? 😉

On that note…..Remember how I had decided on Barry?  Well…. it just kept bugging me.  I made a few phone calls and turns out that the Cardiovascular Perfusion program admissions doesn’t really have anything to do with the regular Barry admission and I can do the prerequisites anywhere, it does not have to be at Barry.  So…. I requested a refund of my enrollment deposit from Barry and will be going to FIU instead. This cuts my commute time down considerably and will not make a difference in my application to the Cardiovascular Persfusion program.  I will complete the prerequisites at FIU and hopefully start that program at Barry in the Fall of 2011.  If I don’t get into the program for whatever reason, I’ll just finish my bachelors at FIU. One thing at a time.

Wishy-washy should be my middle name.

Just a silly picture to show off the shoes 🙂

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