I Wore My Wedding Dress Today

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For all of 3 minutes.

The last time I saw my wedding dress was when I dropped it off at the cleaners after the wedding in 2006.  I picked it up and never opened the bag fully.  Anyhow, a little while ago I decided I was curious to see if it still fit since I’m at the weight I was at the wedding.  Considering how much weight I gained after the wedding, I never thought I’d be able to fit in that dress again.

Matt zipped me up and turns out it’s actually big!  Probably because I have less belly now.  It’s not big per se, it was pretty snug on my wedding day so it’s big in comparison.  The dress is still as beautiful as I remember it. It made me teary eyed.  Matt said I was still as beautiful a bride, what a sap 🙂

There are photos but that would be too incriminating 😛

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