Discovering the Joy of Clothes Shopping

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I went snoop shopping today.  In case you don’t know what that means, it’s a term used by sewists (I hate the term “sewer”) and it refers to going to stores and scoping out the merchandise and try it on to see what is “in” and what works for you.  Since I have an entirely different body shape now, some snoop shopping was in order.  I went to a local upper-mid range mall that I love (because it has a Saks that carries lovely shoes) and has stores like Ann Taylor, White House Black Market, Banana Republic, etc.

I tried a few things on and I have to say that I liked almost everything and I’m happy to actually enjoy shopping for clothes.  I can’t wait till all this swelling goes down and I have a truly flat tummy but I’m OK until then.  Here are a few (a lot) pictures taken with my phone.  Matt says I need to smile more in these pictures but I’m usually trying to maintain good posture while looking at the phone and trying to get a decent angle for the photo so smiling is not high on the priority list!

This is a knit top and a skirt.  I thought it looked better in person.  The neckline is way too deep, I was battling the bra to stop it showing but I do like the look and I like the sleeves.
I love this jacket.  This is a small and it was a bit snug around the boobs and upper arms.  I tried the medium and it fit better.  I love it, I don’t know why.  It’s light, linen or linen-like fabric, I didn’t look.  I may have to buy it.
This shorts are regular size, not petite.  The petite ones looked better but you get the idea.  The top was too long but I wasn’t buying so no biggie.  It has a really cute detail on the neckline.
Tucked in.  Not that I’d ever wear them like this.
Blurry picture.  This particular combination does not work but I do like the skirt.  I wish they had it in petite.  That said, I have a pattern for a skirt just like it.
I really liked this dress.  I didn’t get it because it was $120 and damn it, I can make it! Or I can at least try.
 The issue with clothes now is not my tummy, it’s my bust.  Because now my bust is proportionally large, I have to buy items that can accommodate it and thus sacrifice better fit elsewhere.  I’m OK with that though, accentuated boobs are far sexier than accentuated gut.
Now that I know what kind of thing to try, I will get busy sewing.  I don’t want to make or buy many trousers or skirts right now because once the swelling goes down they wont fit but if they are elasticized, like the first skirt, it’s OK.  I think I will make some dresses that are not fitted and that will be comfortable for the summer.  I have to wear the compression garment until August so I need cool clothes.

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