Mommy is Sick

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After 10 months of having The Monkey in daycare full time while I went to school, I became a stay at home mom again this week.  Well, most of the week since we are keeping him in daycare for two days a week just to keep the habit for him.   I was terrified that it would be hellish but I have to say that it was easier than staying home with him as a baby.  He wasn’t nearly as whiny or clingy as I thought he would be, which was a nice surprise.  Monday morning, for whatever reason, I decided it would be a good idea to go to the zoo before his nap time.  Boy was that a bad move!  It was SOOOO hot.  I was miserable.  You know it’s hot and unpleasant when your normally very active toddler is lethargic and keeps pointing back to the stroller cause he wants to sit every time you take him out.  He was only happy when we were in air conditioned areas.  I don’t blame him.  That was money wasted and I’ll never go back in the summer.  Lesson learned.

He went to daycare on Wednesday and then today.  Yesterday we went on a playdate with a mommy group I have been accepted into and he had a blast.  Then we came home and I fell sick as a dog.  The day started OK, I had a sore throat but nothing more really.  By noon my whole body ached and I had a fever.  I napped while The Monkey napped but that didn’t help.  I don’t get sick often but the slightest fever just knocks me down.  I had almost 102 °F and was in a crazy amount of body pain.  Matt had to come home early because I could hardly move, let alone take care of a child.

I was hoping today would be better but no luck.  I still have a fever and my body aches even more, to the point that even lying down is not comfortable.  I feel like someone beat me up with a baseball bat or like I got run over by a semi.  I haven’t been this sick in a very long time and I don’t like it one bit.  Thank goodness today was daycare day or I would have been stuffed.

I had so many plans for today and for this weekend but they are shot.  My mom is supposed to be taking The Monkey for the weekend so I thought Matt and I would go on a much needed date or what have you but I think that’s going to happen.  Now I just hope my mom takes him so I don’t have to worry about looking after him this sick and I hope that he does not come down with the same thing because that will just be hellish for everyone.

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