C25k and First 5k Race

I finished Week 3 of Couch to 5k yesterday.  Week 3 was definitely more difficult than the previous two weeks but not unmanageable.  To be honest though, I’m surprised I have been able to get this far.  You know, because I’m a self proclaimed running-hater and couch potato.  I went into the program with every intention of finishing it but I was trying not to let myself get too attached, if you will, because I based on my history, I’d quit at the first sign of difficulty.  So, I can’t believe I’m 1/3 of the way there.  I actually look forward to running days.  That said, next week comes the 5 minute runs and I’m scared!  Really, I am.  However, I’ve been able to manage so far so I’m sure (I hope) that I will be able to get through this coming week and the rest of the program.

I’d better because I just registered for my first 5k!  I had been thinking about doing it for a few days and I finally went ahead a little while ago.  I’m doing the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure on October 16th.  I think fund-raising is not required but I went ahead and left their default recommended amount on the form.  If you would like to make any donations to the foundation, you can do so through this link and support me!

Call me crazy, cause I do call myself crazy, but I’ve been looking into half marathons.  I’m a sucker for punishment and clearly too much of a dreamer.

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