Happy (belated) Birthday To My Awesome Husband!!!!!!

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Yesterday my husband celebrated his birthday.  We spent the day at the Mango Festival at Fairchild Tropical Gardens. In the evening, after a very unhealthy dinner, we had an even unhealthier but so so good dessert … ice cream cake!  I didn’t make it, it’s from Coldstone Creamery an it is (there’s still some left) red velvet cake with cake batter ice cream and sprinkles and whipped frosting.

All The Monkey wanted to do was poke the frosting, scoop up some with his finger and eat it.  He then discovered the mini Kit Kats and went to town.  That was the first time he had candy.  It was so cute watching him stuff the Kit Kat in this mouth but at the same time, the mom in me was freaking out over the kid eating a candy bar.  Needless to say, this is a treat and not an every day occurrence.

So, to my husband, whom I know is reading, I hope you have a good birthday!  We were not in a cool vacation spot like Devon nor did we have a swanky, child-free meal but at least the beer was good and the pizza discounted!

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