McFatty Monday

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I decided to join the McFatty Monday crowd since I seem to be posting about weight loss, running, and what not so often.

Even after the surgery, I am nowhere near where I want to be.  Not only do I want to lose more weight (15 pounds or so), but I also want to one up and just get in shape.  With that in mind, I decided to give the weight training, and maybe cardio, portion of Body for Life a try.  I’d be doing the weight training on my C25K off days and the cardio, if I do it, on my C25k days, right after the workout and before cooldown.

Today was the first day of BFL weights.  I did the upper body workout and I’m positive that come tomorrow, I will not be able to lift a finger.  FML.

Some scary numbers:

Current weight: 135lbs (give or take depending on the swelling)
Height: 5’1.5″.  However, half inches are rarely found in any fitness measurements for height so I use 5’2″
Goal Weight:  120lbs
Starting Weight: 168lbs
Loss to Date: 33lbs (give or take depending on the swelling)

I hope to be swimsuit decent by next summer! 

So, join us on the weight loss wagon and see where it takes you!

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