C25k Week 6 Done!

Today I finished Week 6 of Couch to 5k! No more intervals, it’s all running from now on. I actually ran for 25 straight minutes. I didn’t have the same “HOLY CRAP!” effect as running for 20 minutes straight last week had. I really couldn’t believe I was running for that long for the first time in my effing life.

Today’s workout was interesting though. The AC at the community’s gym is broken and there was no way I’d run there with no AC, no airflow and HIGH humidity. Running outside was also out of the question so I took a friend’s suggestion and went to a local gym for a trial membership. The gym was hhmm….meh…but it served its purpose for today. It’s a women only gym and, as scary as this sounds, I was the fittest person in there. I know, I crack myself up every time I say that in my head. I was running my little heart out and I could feel, and see (the walls are covered in mirrors), all eyes on me. I was the only nut actually doing vigorous exercise and sweating like a pig. That’s cool though, it kept me motivated NOT to make a fool of myself.

After the run, I decided to bike a bit to make up the difference in calories to round up to the nearest hundred. I cycled 2 miles in about 8 minutes. I was going to do it for longer but the seat kept becoming unlocked and falling down, bring me down with it. Yeah, nice gym! After all that, I did my normal upper body weight training. I burned over 460 calories and thus gained an extra 4.5 Weight Watchers points for the week!

The calorie count is thanks to my new heart rate monitor with chest strap. It it’s so great and I don’t even feel the strap! It’s a cheapo model from Walmart but it will do the job (I hope) until I can get this baby, the Garmin Forerunner 305. I REALLY want it, especially for when I start running outside and don’t have a treadmill to tell me how fast I’m running or how far I’ve run. I’m gonna have to save my pennies.

I only have three more weeks of Couch to 5k and I THINK I’m going to go straight into Bridge to 10k after I’m done. There is a local 10k in Key Largo in November and I really want to run it. The same event has a 5k too so I’ll do that if I can’t work up to 10k just yet.

Someone asked the other day if I’ve seen any difference in body since I started C25k. Yes, I have. My legs feel leaner, if that makes sense, and are definitely stronger. My husband also asked if I intend to keep running after I graduate from the program. Yes, I do. I didn’t come all this way only to go back to being a couch potato! As a matter of fact, I think that at some point in the future, perhaps early next year, I might train for (and complete) a duathlon (I can’t swim so a triathlon is out). I’ve got the bug, and I like it.

Disclaimer: I don’t know why I always feel the need to add a disclaimer when I say things like I’m going to do a 10k or a duathlon but If don’t actually do either, don’t hold it against me! I’m only human and out of shape!

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  1. Melaniejh1016

    You are doing awesome!! Just remember those activity points have to be used in the same day, not week. Also, have you looked into the Nike+. it’s a cheaper option than a Garmin and does the trick! I like mine a lot 🙂

  2. June

    Actually, with the new program you don’t use the activity points the same day! I was surprised when I realized this. What happens is you use all your weekly allowance before you can use the activity points. So odd.

    I have looked into NIke+ but because my phone is not a 3Gs or higher, and my iPod is nowhere to be found, getting Nike+ would be pretty expensive too since I’d have to get the Sportsband.

  3. Melaniejh1016

    the sportband was only $59… all i needed in addition was the pouch for the sensor which i got on ebay for like $6

    That is crazy about the activity points! i still do it the old way i guess!

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