Off To A Bad Start

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What a rotten way to start the new school year at a new school!

I woke up, on my own, bright (well, dark really), and early at 6:00AM.  I figured I’d might as well get up since I was wide awake.  I got ready for school and was out the door by 6:30AM.  My first class of the day wasn’t until 9:00AM but I wanted to get my work out done before that.  I got the university’s gym around 7:15AM, parking it not really near so I had to walk.  I did my run but couldn’t do anything else because I wouldn’t have enough time to shower and all that before class.

So, I rushed the workout, I rushed the shower and got ready in 1 minute (personal best!) and lef the gym.  I had to go to the car to get my backpack and put the gym bag away.  I had about 10 minutes before I had to be in class.  I basically ran across campus with a 40 pound backpack on my back.  I was already sweaty again by the time I got to the classroom.  As I got to the door, I saw a sign that read “Bio 1 and Bio 2 lab students, the labs don’t start this week, they start next week”.  I was flipping pissed! My first thought was ‘Thanks for the notice asshole!”  The schedules say the classes start this week and I was not the only student there.  Would it really have been that difficult to send a mass email saying the labs didn’t start until next week?  No, it wouldn’t have been.   The deal is, that my next class wasn’t until 12:30PM!

With so much time to spare, I thought I’d move my car nearer to the buildings were my classes are.  So, I walked 10 minutes back to the car and drove around to the other parking garages.  I drove up and down, left and right, in and out of garages, parking lots, bogs and no dice.  I drove around for an ONE HOUR AND TEN EFFING MINUTES trying to find a damned parking spot.  I was THIS close to just getting the feck out of here and going home.  This is absolutely ridiculous! An hour and ten damned minutes!  I was starting because all I had had was as cereal bar when I left the house.  I ended up going into the dining hall and paying way too much for crappy, fatty food. 

Mind you, the shittiness that this school is did not being with this day, at least not for me.  I have had several incidents over the summer, none of which I have blogged about because I don’t want to be a Negative Nancy.  Thank goodness I brought a laptop with me or I’d be going out of my mind waiting until 12:30PM for my class. 

As far as parking, I have learned my lesson,  park early and do not, for the love of all that is French, move it.  This means I have to walk across campus a few times a day.  Maybe I”ll get a bike for this.  I mean, it’s not a small campus.  I’m not at Miami Dade College anymore.

They day can only get better from here, right?  Riiiight???????

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