Two More Races Booked!

Now that I finished C25k (there I go again), the Race for the Cure 5k seems so far away.  I’m on fire NOW and I don’t want to let it fizzle.  I’m a goal oriented person.  I can’t (usually) just do something for its own sake, I need to have a goal to keep me focused.  So, I went ahead and registered for the 5k event of the Publix Family Fitness Weekend taking place in exactly one week (September 4th) in South Beach.  Crazy?  Probably but that’s me.

The race is at 6:30pm.  It’s still hot out but at that time it should have cooled down a little bit.  By cool I mean 80°F instead of 95°F.  I need to do two or three outside runs this week to get acclimatized but I should be able to finish it, even if I have to walk.  I’m not going for the win, just for the finish.  I’ve recruited my family to come cheer me on, let’s see if they come through for me.

I had been thinking about the Key Largo Bridge Run 10k for a while and yesterday morning my husband and I drove the course just to check out the elevation.  The bridge is fairly steep (the dude says it’s not but damn, it looks it) but I’m sure I can manage it with some hill training.  The rest of the race is flat and then DOWN the bridge (yay!)  The race isn’t until November 13th so I have time to get ready.

I’m so excited!  I’ve been doing some indoor cycling training as well because I had my mind set on doing a duathlon some time next year.  Late spring or fall/winter, don’t know yet.  I’ve been doing indoors on an exercise bike because I don’t actually have a bicycle.  We’ve been looking at some but I want to go straight to a road bike and I have to wait a bit to get it, hopefully not more than a couple of months.  I have settled on one specific bike and hopefully it will be there still when I’m ready to buy.  I took it for a test ride and it was love at first ride.

So, here’s to hoping next Saturday isn’t hellish hot and that I can run all the way!

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