Poor Sickie Monkey!

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I should be studying,  I have three exams in the next two days and one of them, at least, I KNOW is going to kick my ass.  However, I just can’t concentrate.  I’m reading and I’m not retaining a single thing.  It does not help that The Monkey is sick.  I dropped him off at my mom’s on Friday night and she was supposed to keep him until later today.  However, that didn’t work out.  We had to go pick him up yesterday evening because he got a fever and my mom is terrified of fevers in children, I don’t know why.  He has not had a fever since but he is coughing a bit and didn’t look too happy earlier today.  He seems better now and hopefully tonight will be better than last night because neither one of us got much sleep.  The joys of being a parent!

I’m finding this semester to be MUCH harder than all of the previous ones.  It’s probably because this is a different school with more difficult curriculum or maybe because the class sizes are so big.  Either way, I just don’t feel I’m retaining much information, especially in my Biology class.  The professor lectures and I’m just lost, all the time.  When I’m not in class, I’m doing school work or thinking about school work.  It’s just taken over my life and, quite frankly, I hate it.  I don’t have time to do things that I enjoy or even time to spend with my family.  On Mondays, for example, I see my son early in the morning and then not again until Tuesday morning (at least not awake).   It will only get worse as my classes get more and more difficult (hello Differential Equations and several Organic Chemistry classes!).  I honestly don’t know that I have the capacity to do it.  I often joke about changing my major to Women’s Studies or Religious Studies but deep down, I don’t know that I’m joking at all.  Changing majors to something less challenging HAS crossed my mind but there is really nothing else that grabs my attention.

Why can’t we do this Matrix style?  Plug me in and teach me everything about Biomedical Engineering in 10 minutes, please!

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