Run Like A Mother

I’m officially on Run Like A Mother!!!!! Scroll all the way down.

On that note, I ran 4 miles today.  That is the most miles I’ve run outside since I started running in June.  When I stopped running, instead of coming “this” close to laying down on the side of road (I always want to do that), I just danced!  Imagine that!  Crazy, sweating lady dancing in the middle of the road.  Must have been quite a sight.  Thankfully, there was no one around to see it so it didn’t happen.  I danced because I felt good and my “power” song had come on in a very serendipitous kinda way.  I had more energy after the run than I did before.  Strange thing.

  1. Dimity and Sarah

    Hey June: Thanks for adding your J-ness to our Moms on the Run. And more importantly: congrats on nailing 4 miles! And the more energy thing: no idea how it works, but I’ll take it–and enjoy it! Good luck with your 5 and 10k; let us know how they go. Many happy miles! Dimity

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