A1A, Beach Front Avenue

What will you be doing the morning of February 20th, 2011?  I know what I’ll be doing!  I’ll be doing this:

In a moment of temporary insanity, I registered for the A1A Half Marathon.  Actually, I registered by fax so I could take advantage of military and former military discount.  Instead of paying the $75 fee I only pay $25!  I get to suffer through 13.1 miles for the price of 3.1!

Training will commence right after the 10k in two weeks.  Joy!

  1. Eliza

    Ah! don’t you just love ‘moment of insanity’. I had mine yesterday when I registered for two 10k races (one in two weeks and another in december), and I am only in Week 4 of my 10k training.

    Gotta love those ‘moments of insanity’ 🙂 You will rock the half marathon!!!

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