Komen Race for the Cure

Remember that 5k I registered for when I first started C25k?  The one that was supposed to be my first 5k?  Yes, that one.  Well, it was today.   I even made a tutu to wear!

There were over 20,000 registered runners/walkers.  It was INSANE.  When the gun went off I was still walking towards the starting line going in the opposite direction.  I squeezed in and crossed the starting line over two minutes after the gun went off.  This race was not officially timed, my time came from my Garmin.  I wasn’t planning on running it, or at least not racing it.  I planned on walking and taking it easy.   Yeah well, that didn’t work out.  I ran…hard.  There was a killer bridge that slowed me down a bit.  The course went up the bridge twice and the second time I walked about a quarter of the way up since I had already made great time and I was TIRED.  I still managed to run my fastest 5k yet by almost 5 minutes.

I was definitely popular with the crowd.  Everyone had something to say about the tutu.  I heard everything from “That is SO cute!” to “I can’t believe I got passed by a tutu!” to people wanting to get a picture taken with me.  I had a great time.

My finish time (not gun time) was 32:05.  That is 4 minutes and 44 seconds faster than my first 5k less than one and a half months ago.  Not too shabby.  Training for the 10k, which means running much longer distances than before, has definitely made me faster.

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