Nice Saturday Bike Ride

Ever since I got into running, I’ve been thinking about cycling as well.  Mostly because it’s great cross training and because it’s low impact, which running is not.  I test rode a few bikes.  One of them in particular was love at first ride.  It was a nice, light Cannondale carbon fiber bike made specifically for women and because it’s an old model (new bike, old model), it was on sale for half of the original retail price.  I got a bike this past Sunday.  It was not THE bike.  I decided to start with a cheap hybrid from Sports Authority to see how it goes and then maybe upgrade to THE bike….if it’s still available.

Turns out, I have loved every minute I’ve spent cycling, even though it’s a cheap, heavy, slow bike.  The first day I rode, I rode just under 7 miles.  I rode 21.5 miles today with little effort.  For the first 16 miles, I met up with two other members of a local cycling club.  It was a ride for beginners and we went slow.  I got serious bike envy.  We rode past (or rather, were passed by) a lot of “real” cyclists in their kickass road bikes at crazy speeds.  Dang it, I want one.  It was really fun, even though I had to leave the house at 6:30am to be at the meeting place by 7am.  We rode from Coral Reef Park to Blackpoint Marina and rested there for a few minutes before riding back.  My Garmin FR 405cx crapped out for about a mile during mile 12, this is evident in the map, I did not ride through the houses.  This is the route we took:

Right after I got home we attached the (cheap) bike trailer we bought last night to my bike and I took The Monkey out on a ride.  I thought he was going to hate the helmet but he didn’t mind it.  He actually enjoyed the ride.  I didn’t hear a peep from him the whole time except to count and blow me kisses.  I rode for 5.5 miles out and back and it was as hard as the whole 16 miles I rode earlier.  Pulling a trailer is not cake!  The funny thing is that when I ride alone, no one even looks at me but today I got ALL kinds of looks from people.  Mostly disbelief at the fact that I was actually pulling a little human being in the trailer!  One woman actually said “Oh my god, she’s pulling a kid!”.  What? Me? No!  I’m just pulling an empty trailer!  Duh.

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