Slow Sunday Ride

I didn’t think I’d do a group ride today since I am riding my hybrid but the opportunity came up and I took it.  The ride was a 17 mile ride with the a cycling club I part of.  It was MUCH slower than I would have liked but it served its purpose, I suppose.

I have been paying attention to my running performance and how I feel pre and post riding and I’ve come to some conclusions.  If I run the day after a hard/long ride, my running performance suffers.  I feel very tired and just overall not there.  The day after a long or hard run, my knees are usually shot.  However, if I cycle (no matter how hard or easy) on the day after such runs, my knees recover and the pain goes away entirely.  I suppose the cycling then becomes a recovery exercise of sorts.  I guess that’s why running and cycling complement each other so well.  I will have to work that into my training schedule.

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