Blah Week

The first week of the half marathon training didn’t go so hot.  I was just run down the whole week.  I had to push the runs one day back at the beginning of the week because of rain and then yesterday I just had a sucky ride in the morning, couldn’t keep up and then I had a two mile run scheduled.  I took a nap but I just wasn’t feeling physically up to it.  I figured I’d listen to my body and skip the run.  It was only two miles after all.

I ran my weekly long run today and it went great.  I was full of energy  for the entire 7 miles.  It was humid but temperature wise it was OK.  I didn’t even feel the need to drink my water, although I did sip a few times.  It was a great ending to a sucky exercise week.  That said, I have logged the most miles (combined) so far this week and the most calories burned.  I think I was feeling run down because I haven’t been eating very well this week and it’s back to being hot.  I also haven’t been replacing my electrolytes, especially on bike rides.  I hate sports drinks so I have been drinking only water and eating a Gu while riding.  I have now bought some electrolyte replacement powders, we’ll see how that goes.  If that doesn’t work either then I’ll try half water and half sports drink.

 Looking forward to the week ahead, I am running a turkey trot on Turkey Day!

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