A1A Half Marathon Official Pictures

Here they are, I paid a small fortune for them.  From now on, my husband will have to follow me around on a bike taking pictures.  Click on them to see the larger file.

I really like this one even though I’m in the background.  It looks like we are actually racing.
As usual, stopping the Garmin (which I then restarted by mistake).
  What’s up with the end of my braid? It’s the humidity…and I need a haircut.
Here’s the official video.  About 13 seconds into the video I appear from behind the girl with the armband in the previous picture and then cross the finish line 18 seconds into the video.

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  1. mamamoos

    awesome job, june! you look fantastic, and you’re definitely inspiring me; i’m hoping to run my first 5k once i restart (and complete) C25K…once it finally warms up here, of course. =]

  2. Anonymous

    Hi June. My name is Akiko. I love reading your blog and I think you are awesome !! My first half marathon is comining in April. I’m alittle bit nervous. But I will finish it!! Have a happy runningful day! 🙂

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