Isn’t She Lovely?

To say that two bikes are enough is like saying that two pairs of shoe are enough….preposterous! Like there are flip flops for the beach, pumps for work, strappy high heels for a night out, there are bikes for different instances. So, the two bikes I already had, a cheap hybrid I haven’t ridden since November, and the road bike just weren’t enough. Sure, I can use the road bike for multisport racing (duathlon for now) but it’s not the same.  I NEEDED a triathlon/duathlon specific bike.  Duh!  That and I guess this is part of my just-after-quarter-life-crises.   However, I’d like to think of as a birthday present….which is what is was.  I don’t know when I’ll actually race on it since I’ll have to get used to the position and get comfortable steering from the aerobars and not having the brakes easily accessible when on the aerobars.

Pink is not really my color but I’m willing to look past that.

Ladies and gentlemen….2011 Quintana Roo Dulce in Small! For those who care, the pedals are Speedplay Zero.  Learning to clip in and out efficiently will be a task, they are so different from the Time iClic pedals on my road bike.


 The silver stem will be replaced with a black stem, the shop was out.
The post will be cut once we know the bike fits well.


I need a haircut very, very badly.

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