Mack Cycle Duathlon Trilogy, III

Yes, I know I skipped blogging about the second race in the series but it wasn’t anything exciting.  The only thing that made this race exciting was the fact that I did it on the new bike…with a new aero helmet!

With the new bike and helmet, I took 2 minutes 22 seconds off the bike split time right off the bat.  Not bad for a sprint race!  My total time was about 3 minutes faster than last month. I was only slightly faster on the second run this time than last but not by much.  I really dislike that run course but I think it’s mental rather than physical. I step on the course and my brain shuts down, I just can’t do it.  There is one more race in the series, the bonus round, and I still don’t think I’ll conquer it this year.

The helmet is a 2011 Lazer Tardiz in the Special Edition Hawaii print “Wave”. I love it.  I love the bike split pictures for this race, I look like a rock star!  LOL. I’m even wearing tri-specific clothes so I look all pro and stuff.  Definitely a poser.

This is what the helmet looks like from the side:
A friend took this picture right after I crossed the finish line and sat down.  I was totally exhausted!
and finally with some riding friends:

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