Day 14 of 31 Day Blogging Challenge

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Day 14. If you won the lottery…

If I won the lottery, I’d do all the things people would normally do like pay off all my debts, pay off my mortgage, set up a trust fund for my son, etc.  Then, depending on how much I won, I’d set a percentage aside and travel.  I’m guessing it’d be a pretty large sum, which would allow me to travel until I got bored.  Otherwise I’d travel until the money ran out.  Then I’d buy a house or manor in the English country side, maybe in Devon or maybe in the Costowlds, and move there.  I’d also buy an apartment in Paris, an apartment in London, and a chateau in the French countryside.  I’d hire a financial advisor to figure out how to invest the money or how to employ it so I didn’t go bankrupt after all this purchasing.  I would also help family out some.

Of course the kitchens in all these places I’d buy had to be decked in high end large appliances.  I’d have an big Aga in the English countryside manor, the apartments in London and Paris would have Wolf dual fuel ranges and Sub-Zero refrigerators.  The French chateau would have a Le Cornue stove.  Ah…a girl can dream!

La Cornue

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